In BULLIED, Sandra Alex of Shoot to Film, was the A.C. This short film was shot by Peter Lugo, using the RED Epic. A 2013 168 Film Project, Team 99.

A bully realizes the impact of her cruelty. Based on 1 Samuel 2:24-25a. 
Producer/Director April Heather, 
Written by Mike Boss and Jessica Boss
, Cinematography by Peter Lugo
, Editing by Lizette Anaya
, Music score by Ken Jacobsen
, Trailer edited by April Heather. 

We have worked on quite a few projects for Kevyn Major Howard, one of the main actors in Full Metal Jacket. It is for a good and noble cause, to remember those who have given their lives for America and to help their families. For further information or to donate, please go to: http://www.fueledbythefallen.org

Photos Courtesy of Jason Figueroa, from Kevyn Major Howard Photography


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